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Vision, Mission, Goal, Objectives and Values

:: Vision Statement
:: Mission Statement
:: Values
:: Strategic Goal
:: Strategic Objectives

As the primary owners of the Association, CRDA member organizations are mandated to strategically re-set the vision, mission, goal, objectives, and values of the Association. Accordingly, members organizations have re-set the supra-thematic issues of the Association through the visioning workshop specifically organized for them. The outcome is presented as follows.

Vision statement:

To see vibrant Charities and societies that contributes to the development and prosperity of Ethiopia.

Mission statement:

Facilitate and enhance the contribution of members to the national development endeavors through harmonisation of members’ efforts, enhanced collective learning and capacity building supports in the expanded operational space.


Although there are numerous sets of values that positively build the organizational culture of the CRDA, the following were considered by the CRDA members to be the key values of the Association:

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Fairness and equity
  • Transparency and accountability
  • People-centered
  • Commitment to poverty eradication
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Non-partisan.

Strategic Goal:

Improved members’ capacity and expanded space towards the development of Ethiopia.

Strategic Objectives:

i. Support and facilitate collaboration among members and between members and stakeholders in pursuit of common goals;

ii. Support and coordinate dialogue and information exchange among and between members and stakeholders;

iii. Build members’ capacity;

iv. Represent and advocate for the interest of members;

v. Engage in policy research and analysis to support the development intervention of members;

vi. Raise professional standards and promote ethics within the membership;

vii. Facilitate members’ access to the development funds, knowledge, skills, and best practices

viii. Advance public relations and build the image of its members and the voluntary sector; and

ix. Facilitate and coordinate relief and humanitarian responses of its members in premiership with relevant governmental, bilateral and multilateral agencies.

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